Krishna Avatara

Krishna The Butter Bandit

The story of Krishna enchants and attracts everyone! All the play full pastimes of Lord Krishna is narrated in a style that attracts young adults. There are many questions which arise in the mind of young adults regarding certain pastimes of the Lord like the Rasa Leela; in this book the esoteric
meaning of these pastimes have been examined.


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 I have never been afraid to ask questions. My parents have always encouraged me to accept facts only if it makes sense to me. They have always been against superstitions and  trained me not to accept any views or ideas without proper analysis.The respect I feel toward my culture and tradition are a result of my upbringing.  The names of God mentioned in other religions are one of His many names. Everyone has their own way of worship based on their upbringing and tradition; I respect other religions.
Through my blog, I want to address some of the key points of Sanatana Dharma. Sanatana Dharma has received negative criticism is the past mainly due to the critics lacking all pertinent information and partly due to prejudice. My intention is to address these issues.

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